Senior Resources

Medicare 2020 Open Enrollment October 15 – December 2019

For assistance in choosing your health insurance contact CLAIM at 1-800-390-3330 for thier FREE service, or visit them online at 

CLAIM is a nonprofit organization that provides free, unbiased information about Medicare to Missourians. Their goal is to provide local counselors to help you get the most from your Medicare benefits.

Mission Statement

CLAIM is the Missouri State Health Insurance Assistance Program. Trained counselors provide free, unbiased advocacy, education and assistance to people with Medicare and those who help them to make informed decisions about Medicare and related health insurance needs.

Vacation Watch

Both the Crestwood and Sunset Hills Police Departments offer vacation watch to residents. Please call your local police at the numbers provided for assistance. If you live in another area, call Jessica at 314-664-9700 and she can assist you in finding out if your local police offer a vacation watch program.

Crestwood Police Department 314-729-4800, The Police will stop by and check on your house to make sure that your property and home are secure.

Sunset Hills Vacation watch line at 314-849-7867. You will be asked a few questions; we will then place your home on our vacation watch list. We will be asking for an emergency contact just in case we need to inform you of any occurrences. Sunset Hills patrol officers will check your house daily.

St Louis County Voting

For more information regarding Absentee Voting please follow the following link.  Please remember that Absentee ballot requests must be mailed or faxed to the Election Board no later than 5 p.m. the second Wednesday before the election.

You can download an application to be put on the permanent disability list here:

A permanent disability does not have to be “major”, it can be trouble standing for a long time, hearing issues, .  Once someone is on the list, they will automatically be mailed an application for an absentee ballot each time there is an election they are registered to vote in.  They will still have to fill out the application and mail it back (one application per envelope) every time, but this can help with transportation issues.